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Welcome to my personal homepage. Here you will find out a little about my interests and hobbies, and some information on my house in Ireland and my "second life" as a musician.

Music is one of my primary activities outside of science and technology, as a player/performer and as a listener. For now I will only list a few links; if you keep coming back, some day I will expand this.

Musicians and Bands
Ekhart Topp, musician extraordinaire, and a listing of sessions in the Frankfurt area
Stefanie Bieber, flute and harp player
The Jimmy Cake, possibly my favourite instrumental art-rock band in the world, not just Ireland
The Tycho Brahe, another brilliant band the Dee of the Cake is involved in
M. A. Numminen. Who but a Finn would come up with the idea of setting Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logicophilosophicus to music? And actually make it sound good? I love this guy!

Other Music Stuff
The Whispering Gallery a talented and brave troop of young Irish trying to rescue the island from a fate worse than diddley-idle
Chanterelle Workshop. Mike Ramsey makes gorgeous banjos and I am anxiously awaiting my next one.
Mystery Train. A way cool radio show on RTE 1, and available on the Net.
Cryan's Pub. Go there Friday nights for some of the best bluegrass and beyond east of the US.
...more to come...

Ireland and a holiday home in a beautiful location
I spent about two years working in Ireland. In addition to convincing me that Dublin was a place that combined the shallowness and prices of Silicon Valley with Irish weather and the infrastructure of a third world country, these two years also gave me a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people, many of them also great musicians, in the northwest of the country. I also bought and restored an old farm house, which now that I live in Germany is available for holiday rentals. Here you will find more Information.

"Gott und die Welt"
Over the last few years my spiritual quest has become more and more important to me. I believe there are many ways to seek, but for me Christianity as my "spiritual mother tongue" is the framework within which I seek. I was raised in the United Methodist Church in the US, but after many years of interest was received into the Episcopal Church at the end of 2002. I like the combination of a strong sense for the meaning of ritual and liturgy with the fact that (to quote Robin Williams, also an Episcopalian) "you don't have to check your brain at the door". One of the best things for me about living in Frankfurt is the chance to worship and participate in the Episcopal Church of Christ the King.
Some theologians, mystics, historians and Biblical scholars whose works have been especially helpful to me in my quests are Elaine Pagels, Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, Anthony De Mello and Karen Armstrong, not to mention Milton Aylor, a man I have been fortunate to meet in Frankfurt. An excellent web site for all who are interested in spiritual issues, from all major traditions, is the Beliefnet website.